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The Restorations We Provide

Dental implants are one of the most versatile restorative treatments in dentistry because the implant posts can combine with different prosthetics to best meet your specific needs.

  • A crown on top of a single implant is the method for replacing one single tooth. If your smile is missing only one tooth or only a few teeth that are not next to each other, than this method may serve your restorative needs best.
  • A fixed bridge placed on several implants can restore several adjacent teeth without affecting the health of neighboring healthy teeth. As few as two implants or as many as four may be required to host the bridge.
  • A full denture can replace an entire arch of the smile, with up to six implants stabilizing the device.

Returning Functional Health to the Smile

Whenever a dental prosthetic is added to the smile, it has to be durable. This new tooth is responsible for helping you chew food and cannot be easily replaced. Its ability to last within the smile is critical to the success of the treatment.

The restorations made at our Ojai dental practice are designed to stand up to every day wear and tear. From the margins of an implant crown to the shape of the teeth on a full overdenture, each aspect of the restoration is designed to fit and function effectively within your smile. This meticulous attention to detail is the reason why Dr. Krishnan can give you new teeth that last for several years.

Making the Smile More Beautiful

The beauty of the restoration is also critical to the success of the implant restoration. The dental implant is designed to blend into the smile for aesthetic and health reasons, and the appearance of the prosthetic should not detract from the former goal.

Dr. Krishnan keeps his focus on beauty when planning out your restorations, in addition to the attention paid to the prosthetic’s resilience. Crowns and bridges are made out of porcelain in order to best mimic the natural color and sheen of real teeth. Dentures, likewise, are molded to look like healthy original teeth and gums. The end result is a smile that has the cosmetic and functional benefits you desire.


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